Product Description

Provisional Restoration


Provisional restorations can be invaluable for testing out aesthetic and occlusal changes before they are incorporated in the definitive restoration. Occasionally, a provisional restoration may be used to provide a coronal build up for isolation purposes during endodontic treatment. 

Custom Abutments


Our skilled technicians design custom abutments to create an ideal emergence profile that promotes healthy tissue development and to place margins uniformly below the gingiva. In addition, the use of a custom abutment allows corrections to be made in angulation with anatomical structure for better support and crown retention. At Colonial Dental lab all custom abutments are authentic for all leading implant systems.

Screw Retained Implant Restoration


Screw-retained restorations have the advantage of more predictable retrievability. They require a minimal amount of interocclusal space and are easier to remove when hygiene maintenance, repairs or surgical interventions are required. Angulated screw channel solutions have made screw-retained restorations available for a wide range of indications.