Product Description

Full Dentures


Our full dentures offer Esthetic natural tooth arrangements along with anatomically accurate root structure and gingival form. At Colonial we use High Impact Lucitone 199 acrylic and Portrait IPN Premium denture teeth.

Partial Dentures


There are several different options offered form partial dentures. Depending on the Dentist preference and the patients desire we are able to     deliver the perfect solution for every patient. We offer DuraFlex Partial Dentures, DuraCetal Patrial Dentures, VisiClear clasp, as well as Wironium Cast Partial Frameworks. 

Implant Precision Attachments


Reline and Repairs


Relines and repairs done at Colonial Dental Lab are normally turned around the next business day if received by 2:00pm the business day prior. 

Night Guards


At Colonial Dental Lab we offer ClearSplint Night Guards. ClearSplint ramps and guideplanes for canine guidance and posterior disclusion. ClearSplint is self adjusting for superb accuracy and the closest fit. This material is hypo-allergenic and Methyl-Methacrylate free. This produce is Amine free, so it will never yellow with age and will always be transparent.